It is the obligation of CPEL to compensate for delivery delay, item loss or shortage, content damage unless they are caused by the customers. CPEL will not compensate for indirect and consequential losses.

Compensation will not be applied to such circumstances as below:
  1. Service failures caused by force majeure (insured items excluded);
  2. Confiscation of prohibited or restricted goods by governmental agencies according to law;
  3. Items already delivered with intact rapping and delivery procedures fulfilled in accordance with regulations;
  4. Delay, damage or loss due to the error of customers or the nature of the contents;
  5. Compensation claimed out of the period of validity and during which inquiries had not been requested;
  6. The items were detained, sequestrated or destroyed by country of destination in the light of their law.
Compensation Criteria for Domestic EMS Shipments:
  1. The customers will be compensated for item loss, shortage or content damage according to the actual value of the loss for insured shipments. The maximum compensation fees shall not exceed the insured value;
  2. Compensation for item loss, shortage or content damage will be handled according to the actual value of the loss for uninsured shipments, Postal Law, Rules for Implementation of Postal Law, and related regulations. The maximum compensation fees will not exceed third times of the paid postage. Postage (excluding packaging fee, insurance fee and other valued-added charges) is refunded in the case of delivery delay;
  3. CPEL takes no responsibility for compensating other losses or indirect losses. Delivery delay caused by incomplete or wrong sending or receiving address or telephone number will not be compensated.
Compensation Criteria for International EMS Shipments:
  1. Delivery delay for the Guarantee service: In the event that the actual delivery time is in excess of the guaranteed delivery time due to service failure, the postage paid(excluding packaging fees and customs declaration fees ) shall be returned to customers.
  2. Complete loss or severe damage of document shipments: CNY400 per piece, with postage refunded at the same time.
  3. Complete loss or severe damage of merchandise shipments without declared value: CNY400 per piece. For those with declared value: declared value with CNY 500+60*W (w: weight presented in integer kilogram) per piece as the maximum.
  4. Partial loss or slight damage of merchandise shipments: actual value of the item will be refunded to customers, but the refund shall not exceed the amount as stated in the case of complete loss or severe damage.
Compensation Criteria for LTL: Compensation Criteria for Contract Logistics

Compensation for contract logistics items will be paid in compliance with cooperation agreements.

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