EMS Shipment ID

EMS shipment ID consists of 13 numbers, including two alphabetic letters as prefix, 9 digits and two alphabetic letters as suffix. The first letter of prefix “E” represents express mail, the second letter is sequence number (EA, Eb, ED,etc.).

No Online Tracking Information

If no tracking information is available for your shipments, please leave a message in Customer Feedback, providing accurate and complete shipment ID and receiver address. Your feedback will be responded to quickly.

Valid Period of EMS Tracking

The valid period of EMS tracking is within one year for domestic shipments as of the posting date, within 4 months for international EMS shipments from the next day of posting, within 4 months for China Express shipments as of the posting date, within 3 months as of the posting date for Taiwan Express shipments.

Processing information will be updated in the Site when the processing is completed. Generally, the tracking information will be displayed 4 hours after the processing.

Track Shipments with CT Prefix

1. Telephone Tracking: Dial national customer service hotline—11183.

2. Online Tracking: Access www.mghqwtw.com.cn to track shipment status.

Proof of Delivery

You can request POD at the posting depots with the cost of CNY 3 for each shipment.

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