Guide to Fill Out Domestic EMS Waybill Domestic Express Mail (EMS) Waybill CUSTOMER NOTICE FOR DOMESTIC EMS WAYBILL
  1. This EMS waybill should only be used for sending domestic EMS shipments (hereinafter abbreviated as shipment).
  2. To make writings on all copies clear and legible, please complete the waybill item by item where applicable in neat, regular script with ball-pen or typewriter. The receiver also should sign the waybill in neat, regular script.
  3. Prohibited articles stipulated in the Regulations of Posts (hereinafter abbreviated as regulations), e.g. explosive, flammable, corrosive, radioactive, poisonous articles, drugs, cash, etc., should not be enclosed in shipments. People violating the regulations should burden the legal responsibility.
  4. Shipments should be packed in accordance with the properties of contents and regulations.
  5. The postage should be charged in accordance with the total weights of shipments (including the weights of contents, labels and packing materials).
  6. Insurance service is provided for domestic shipments. The shippers are free to choose insurance service. The insured value for each shipment should not exceed RMB 100,000 Yuan. The shipper should declare the actual value of shipments and pay insurance fee according to regulations. If the shipper fails to pay insurance fee according to regulations, the shipments shall not be processed as insured shipments.
  7. In case of loss, damage or shortage of contents, the shipper will be compensated on the basis of the actual loss of the contents. The maximum compensation for insured shipments is equal to the insured value of the shipments; in case of loss, damage or shortage of contents for uninsured shipments, the shipper will be compensated on the basis of the actual loss of the contents and the Postal Law, the Rules for the Implementation of the Postal Law, and other regulations or 3 times of the postage paid, whichever is less. The postage will be refunded upon delayed delivery (excluding packing and insurance fee). The postal enterprises shall bear no responsibility for compensating other losses, indirect losses or shipment delay caused by incorrect or incomplete address and contact information of the receiver provided by the shipper.
  8. The inquiry of shipments is acceptable within one year as of the date of posting; please take the third copy of this bill or the receipt to make inquiries at the mailing office.
  9. Where difference exists between the regulations and this notice due to the changes of regulations, the regulations announced by the postal enterprises shall prevail.
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