Domestic EMS Guarantee Service

Domestic EMS Guarantee Service is a fast and reliable premium express service operated by China Postal Express & Logistics for EMS shipments mailed from and to specified cities. The customer can inquire the end-to-end time limit for shipments and demand a refund for shipments delivered in excess of the promised time for postal reasons.

Advantages of the Guarantee Service

  1. Multiple trakcing options: CPEL website (, nationwide unified hotline 11183.
  2. Real-time track & trace service
  3. Guaranteed delivery time: Guarantee service uses the unique postcode resources and calculates the guaranteed delivery time from postcode to postcode.
  4. Compensation for delay: In the event that the actual delivery time is in excess of the guaranteed delivery time due to service failure, the postage paid shall be returned to customers.


  1. The customer should fill in the correct origin and destination address and zip code on the EMS waybill;
  2. In case of delayed delivery for guaranteed shipments, the sender can request a refund within valid enquiry period. If the sender raises no claim within the stipulated time, the postal service shall not refund the customer.


>>>> Click to Calculate Domestic EMS Delivery Time
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