International EMS Guarantee Service

China Postal Express & Logistics provides International EMS Guarantee Service for EMS shipments to specified countries and regions. The customer can inquire the end-to-end time limit for shipments and demand a refund for shipments delivered in excess of the promised time for postal reasons.

International EMS Guarantee Service is available for shipment to Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, USA, UK, Spain and France.

Advantages of the Guarantee Service

  1. Extensive coverage: The network terminals of the posts worldwide reach out to the households of hundreds of thousands of customers. Australia Post, China Postal Express & Logistics, Hong Kong Post, Japan Post, Korea Post, USPS, Royal Mail, Correos, La Poste possess over 300 million delivery points, and 140,000 postal outlets. The postal network could provide secure, accurate, and fast delivery services with the widest coverage.
  2. Multi-channel information access: CPEL website (, a nationwide unified hotline 11183 with 7 × 24h service and postal offices spreading all over the cities and towns.
  3. Real-time track & trace service: Customers could track EMS items in real time through our tracke & trace service. We could provide shipment tracing information in real time to contract customers on our own initiative.
  4. Guaranteed delivery time: EMS Guarantee service uses the unique postcode resources and calculates the guaranteed delivery time from postcode to postcode. Guaranteed delivery time is the maximum time span needed for the delivery of the EMS items, thus the actual time can be shorter.
  5. Compensation for delay: In the event that the actual delivery time is in excess of the guaranteed delivery time due to service failure, the postage paid shall be returned to customers.


  1. The customer should write the correct destination zip code in the column of recipient address on the EMS waybill (except shipments to Hong Kong);
  2. To obtain more information about the promised time limit or trace the shipment, please log on to this website or call national service hotline 11183. Basic information needed for inquiring guaranteed delivery date: collecting date, origin zip code and destination zip code (except Hong Kong).
  3. In case of delayed delivery for guaranteed shipments, the sender can request a refund within 30 days as of the collecting date. The postal service should reply to the request within 7 working days. If the sender raises no claim within the stipulated time, the postal service shall not refund the customer in accordance with the guarantee service regulations. If the postal service takes responsibility for the shipment delay upon verification, the postal fees shall be returned to the sender (excluding packing fee, customs clearance fee and other costs).


>>>> Clikc to Calculate International EMS Delivery Time
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